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Flag Common Name Formal Name Krause Name Wikipedia Name Dates
Flag of Imperial State of Iran Iran Imperial State of Iran Iran Pahlavi dynasty 1925 - 1979
Currency Code Dates Replaced By
Iranian rial IRR 1932 - Present -
Image Country Denomination Dates Krause Size/Mass/Composition
Iran 50 dinar SH1315 - 1333 KM# 1142 ∅ 20.00 mm × 1.48 mm; 3.47 g; Al-Bronze
Obverse: Crown; Lion with sword left in front of sun above denomination encircled by wreath پنجاه دینار Reverse: denomination encircled by wreath; date Edge: Milled/reeded
Iran 10 rial MS2535 - 2537 KM# 1179 ∅ 28.00 mm × 1.50 mm; 7.00 g; Cu-Ni
Obverse: Mohammad Reza Pahlavi head left; date محمد رضا پهلوی آریامهر شاهنشاه ایران Reverse: Crown; Lion with sword above denomination within wreath ریال ۱٠ Edge: Plain/smooth
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