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Currency Code Dates
Costa Rican colón CRC 1896 - Present
Image Country Denomination Dates Krause Size/Mass/Composition
Costa Rica 10 colones AD2005 - Present KM# 228b ∅ 23.50 mm × 1.25 mm; 1.10 g; Al
Obverse: country; country; Coat of arms of Costa Rica (7 5-point stars, 3 volcanos, ship, sunset, ribbon); country; date DE REPUBLICA AMERICA CENTRAL REPUBLICA DE COSTA RICA COSTA RICA Reverse: denomination; denomination above denomination (in Braille) above coffee branches; Initials of the Central Bank of Costa Rica 50 COLONES ⠁⠚ B. C. C. R. Edge: Milled/reeded
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