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Image Country Denomination Dates Krause Composition
France 20 francs RE13 - 14 663.1 90% Au, 10% Cu
Obverse: Napoleon head left NAPOLÉON EMPEREUR. Reverse: country; denomination encircled by wreath; country; mint mark date mint mark RÉPUBLIQUE 20 FRANCS. FRANÇAISE. Edge: Plain/smooth with text: DIEU PROTÈGE LA FRANCE
United States 0.25 dollar AD1976 204 75% Cu, 25% Ni clad Cu
Obverse: George Washington bust left; mint mark; date LIBERTY IN GOD WE TRUST Reverse: country; drummer left, torch encircled by 13 stars; denomination UNITED STATES OF AMERICA E PLURIBUS UNUM QUARTER DOLLAR Edge: Milled/reeded Subject: Bicentennial
United States 1 dollar AD2007 401 77% Cu, 12% Zn, 7% Mn, 4% Ni clad Cu
Obverse: George Washington bust left GEORGE WASHINGTON 1st PRESIDENT 1789-1797 Reverse: country; country; denomination Statue of Liberty left OF AMERICA UNITED STATES $1 Edge: Plain/smooth with date, mint mark, and text: E PLURIBUS UNUM · IN GOT WE TRUST · Series: Presidential $1 Coin Program Subject: George Washington
United States 2.5 dollars AD1840 - 1907 72 90% Au, 10% Cu
Obverse: Liberty (goddess) "Coronet Braided Hair" head left encircled by 13 6-point stars; date LIBERTY Reverse: country; country; Eagle with shield, arrows, and olive branch; country; mint mark above denomination STATES OF UNITED AMERICA · 2½ D. · Edge: Milled/reeded Nickname: Liberty Head (Coronet) Quarter Eagle
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