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Image Country Denomination Dates Krause Composition
Ireland 1 pingin AD1940 - 1968 11 95.5% Cu, 3% Sn, 1.5% Zn
Obverse: country; Clàrsach (Irish harp); date éIRe Reverse: denomination; Hen and chicks left; denomination 1d pingin Edge: Plain/smooth
Ireland 1 pingin AD1988 - 2000 20a Cu plated Steel
Obverse: country; Clàrsach (Irish harp); date éIRe Reverse: Stylized bird; denomination 1P Edge: Plain/smooth
Italy 10 lire AD1951 - 2001 93 Al
Obverse: country; Plough (plow); mint mark date REPVBBLICA ITALIANA Reverse: denomination; Wheat ears; engraver 10 ROMAGNOLI Edge: Plain/smooth
Italy 50 lire AD1954 - 1969 95.1 Stainless steel
Obverse: country; Laureate head right; country; engraver REPVBBLICA ·ITALIANA· ROMAGNOLI GIAMPAOLI·INC. Reverse: date; Vulcan (mythology) standing at anvil with hammer; denomination L.50 Edge: Milled/reeded
Italy 100 lire AD1955 - 1989 96.1 Stainless steel
Obverse: country; Laureate head left; country; engraver REPVBBLICA ITALIANA ROMAGNOLI GIAMPAOLI-INC. Reverse: denomination; Minerva and olive tree; mint mark; date L.100 Edge: Milled/reeded
Italy 200 lire AD1993 155 Al-Bronze
Obverse: country; Head right; country REPUBLICA ITALIANA M. VALLUCCI Reverse: Eagle; Griffin right above date above Flower; Griffin left above Griffin front; denomination 70 AERONAUTICA MILITARE 1923-1993 ZANELLI GROSSI L. 200 Edge: Milled/reeded Subject: 70th Anniversary of Military Aviation
Italy 500 lire AD1982 - 2001 111 Ring: Stainless steel, Center: Al-Bronze
Obverse: country; Woman head left above designer; country; 5-pointed star REPVBBLICA CRETARA ITALIANA Reverse: denomination in braille; Wheat sprig; Quirinal Palace above date; Plant sprig; denomination ⠨⠇⠄⠼⠑⠚⠚⠄ L.500 Edge: 8 alternations of plain/smooth and milled/reeded
Italy 1000 lire AD1997 - 2001 194 Ring: Al-Bronze, Center: Cu-Ni
Obverse: 6 5-pointed stars; country; Woman head left; country; designer above 6 5-pointed stars REPVBBLICA ITALIA L.CRETARA Reverse: date; Map of Europe with united Germany and scrolls; mint mark; designer above denomination PERNAZZA L.1000 Edge: 3 alternations of plain/smooth and milled/reeded
United Kingdom 0.5 sovereign AD1838 - 1885 735.1 91.67% Au, 8.33% Cu
Obverse: Queen Victoria head left; date DEI VICTORIA GRATIA Reverse: Crowned shield of the Royal coat of arms of the United Kingdom BRITANNIARUM REGINA FID:DEF: Edge: Milled/reeded
United Kingdom 1 penny AD1895 - 1901 790 95% Cu, 4% Ag, 1% Zn
Obverse: Queen Victoria bust left BRITT · REGINA VICTORIA · DEI · GRA · · FID · DEF · IND · IMP · Reverse: denomination; Britannia seated right; denomination; date ONE PENNY Edge: Plain/smooth
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