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Image Country Denomination Dates Krause Composition
Austria 2 groschen AD1950 - 1994 2876 98.5% Al, 1.5% Mg
Obverse: Imperial eagle with shield on breast holding hammer and sickle Reverse: country; denomination; country; date REPUBLIK 2 GROSCHEN ÖSTERREICH Edge: Plain/smooth
Austria 1 euro AD2007 - Present 3142 Ring: Ni-Brass, Center: Cu-Ni plated Ni
Obverse: date; Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart bust right encircled by twelve five-point stars; denomination above Flag of Austria; Mozart's signature 1 EURO Mozart Reverse: denomination over map of Europe; 12 5-point stars in outer ring connected by vertical lines above (designer) 1 EURO LL Edge: 3 alternations of plain/smooth and milled/reeded
France 1 franc AD1959 - 2001 925.1 Ni
Obverse: country; The Sower (woman left); country; designer REPUBLIQUE FRANÇAISE O. Roty Reverse: denomination above Olive branch; mint mark date mint mark EGALITE· LIBERTE· 1 FRANC FRATERNITE· Edge: Milled/reeded
France 2 francs AD1941 - 1959 866a Al
Obverse: country; Laureate head left; country above engraver REPVBLIQVE FRANÇAISE MORLON Reverse: Cornucopia; denomination; Cornucopia; mint mark date mint mark LIBERTE - EGALITE FRATERNITE 2 FRANCS Edge: Plain/smooth
France 20 centimes AD1962 - 2001 930 Al-Bronze
Obverse: country; Marianne bust left; country; engraver REPUBLIQUE FRANÇAISE LAGRIFFOUL Reverse: engraver above olive branch; denomination above mint mark date; Wheat ear LIBERTE · EGALITE · FRATERNITE· A.DIEUDONNE 20 CENTIMES Edge: Plain/smooth
France 0.5 franc AD1964 - 2001 931.1 Ni
Obverse: country; The Sower (woman left); country; designer REPUBLIQUE FRANÇAISE O. Roty Reverse: privy mark denomination privy mark; Olive branch; date ½ FRANC LIBERTE· FRATERNITE EGALITE· Edge: Milled/reeded
France 50 euro cent AD1999 - 2006 1287 89% Cu, 5% Al, 5% Zn, 1% Sn
Obverse: date over above horizontal lines; Stylized The Sower (woman left) in front of sun rays encircled by 12 5-point stars; Initials of country over vertical lines above designer L. JORIO d'ap. O. ROTY RF Reverse: Map of European Union over 12 5-point stars connected by vertical lines; denomination; designer; denomination 50 LL EURO CENT Edge: Milled/reeded
Germany 10 pfennig AD1949 103 Brass clad Steel
Obverse: country; Oak seedling (5 leaf plant); date DEUTCHER BANK LÄNDER Reverse: Wheat sprig mint mark Wheat sprig; denomination; denomination 10 PFENNIG Edge: Plain/smooth
Germany 1 Deutsche Mark AD1950 - 2001 110 Cu-Ni
Obverse: country; Eagle from the Coat of arms of Germany; country; mint mark BUNDESREPUBLIK DEUTSCHLAND Reverse: denomination; Oak leaves; denomination; Oak leaves; date 1 DEUTSCHE MARK Edge: Plain/smooth with alternating strokes and symbols
Germany 2 mark AD1970 - 1987 A127 Cu-Ni clad Ni
Obverse: country above date; country; Eagle; denomination; mint mark denomination DEUTSCHLAND BUNDESREPUBLIK DEUTSCHE MARK 2 Reverse: country; Theodor Heuss head left; country BUNDESREPUBLIK DEUTSCHLAND 1949 - 1969 Edge: Plain/smooth with text divided by oak leaves: EINIGKEIT UND RECHT UND FREIHEIT
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