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Image Country Denomination Dates Krause Composition
Ethiopia 1 santim EE1937 32 Cu
Obverse: Emperor Haile Selassie I bust left; date Reverse: Crowned lion with scepter right; denomination አንድ፡ሳንቲም Edge: Plain/smooth
Morocco 1 dirham AD1974 63 75% Cu, 25% Ni
Obverse: Hassan II of Morocco head left الحسن الثاني المملكة المغربية Reverse: date date; Coat of arms of Morocco (lions crown sun star); denomination درهما 1 واحد Edge: Milled/reeded
South Africa 1 Krugerrand AD1967 - Present 73 91.67% Au, 8.33% Cu
Obverse: country; President Paul Kruger bust left; country SUID-AFRIKA SOUTH AFRICA Reverse: denomination; date; Springbok antelope right; date; denomination KRUGERRAND FYNGOUD 1 OZ FINE GOLD Edge: Milled/reeded
South Africa 5 cents AD2004 325 Cu plated Steel
Obverse: date; country; Coat of arms of South Africa (eagle); country South Africa Reverse: denomination; Blue Crane left 5c Edge: Plain/smooth
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