Date Systems: Taiwan

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Taiwanese coins use the same dating system as the Japanese coins, except the era name is replaced with the country name. The first year of the Republic (1911) is used instead of the first year of reign.

Step 1

Follow Steps 1-4 for Japan, except "Republic of China" (see below) replaces the era name, and do not convert to the Gregorian year. Take note of the other characters commonly on Taiwanese coins in the table below. Denominations are written in "financial" Chinese numerals.

Characters 中華民國
English Republic of China Yuan
(1/10 Yuan)

Step 2

Add the number found in Step 1 (first part of Japan Step 4) to 1911, which is the founding of the Republic of China.

Characters Example
年九十二國民華中 29 + 1911 = 1940
年六十八國民華中 86 + 1911 = 1997