Mint Marks

Coins may contain markings (usually small letters or symbols) that identify where they were made, the designer or engraver, or some other form of identification. These are one of three categories:

  • Mint marks specify where the coin was minted, usually a city or specific factory.
  • Designer/engraver marks are typically initials and considered part of the artistic design of the coin, even more so than an artist's signature on a painting.
  • Privy marks are generally any such markings (including mint marks), but typically refer to those whose purpose is not related to the location of production or artistic design of the coin.

Most countries only have one mint, and therefore do not use mint marks. Here are some examples of mint marks, as well as pages for countries with many mint marks.

Country Mint Mark Mint
Italy Instituto Poligrafico e Zecca della Stato (Rome)
Spain Royal Mint of Spain
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