Mint Marks: France

Mark Facility Dates
A Paris RE4 - AD1898
AA Metz RE5 - RE8
B Rouen RE5 - AD1846
AD1853 - AD1857
BB Strasbourg RE5 - AD1870
CL Genoa AD1813 - AD1814
D Lyon RE5 - AD1840
AD1848 - AD1858
G Geneva RE8 - AD1805
H La Rochelle RE12 - AD1835
I Limoges RE4 - AD1835
K Bordeaux RE4 - AD1857
AD1861 - AD1867
AD1870 - AD1878
L Bayonne RE4 - AD1835
M Toulouse RE12 - AD1836
MA Marseille RE9 - AD1839
AD1853 - AD1857
Q Perpignan RE5 - AD1835
R Orleans RE5
T Nantes RE4 - AD1820
AD1826 - AD1835
W Lille RE4 - AD1846
AD1853 - AD1857
(Mast and flag) Utrecht AD1812 - AD1813
U Torino RE12 - AD1813
R w/Crown Rome AD1812 - AD1813
R London AD1815
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