Mint Marks: United States

The United States Mint used many facilities since its founding in 1792. Most coins without mint marks were made at the Philidelphia facility. Between 1965 and 1967, no mint marks were used.

Mark Facility Dates (AD)
C Charlotte Mint
Charlotte, NC
1838 - 1861
CC Carson City Mint
Carson City, NV
1870 - 1893
D Denver Mint
Denver, CO
1906 - Present
Dahlonega Mint
Dahlonega, GA
1838 - 1861
O New Orleans Mint
New Orleans, LA
1838 - 1861
P Philidelphia Mint
Philidelphia, PA
1792 - Present
S San Francisco Mint
San Francisco, CA
1854 - Present
W West Point Mint
West Point, NY
1983 - Present

Designer / Engraver Marks

Mark Designer Coins
AM Alfred Maletsky 2004 Nickel, Statehood Quarters
CLV Charles L. Vickers Statehood Quarters
DE Don Everhart Statehood Quarters, 2005 Nickel, Presidential Dollars
DRW Dennis R. Williams Bicentennial Dollar
DW Donna Weaver 2005 Nickel
EZS Edgar Z. Steever Statehood Quarters
FG Frank Gasparro Eisenhower Dollar, Susan B. Anthony Dollar, Lincoln Cent, Kennedy Half Dollar
FS Felix Schlag Jefferson Nickel
JF Joe Fitzgerald 2005 Nickel
JI Joel Iskowitz 2009 Lincoln Cent, Presidential Dollars, Statehood Quarters
JL Jim Licaretz Presidential Dollars, 2009 Lincoln Cent
JLA Jack L. Ahr Bicentennial Quarter
JFM Joseph F. Menna Statehood Quarters, Presidential Dollars, 2010 Lincoln Cent
JM John Mercanti Silver Eagle, Statehood Quarters
JNF Jamie N. Franki 2005/2006 Nickel
JS John R. Sinnock Roosevelt Dime
NEN Norman E. Nemeth 2004/2005 Nickels
PH Pheobe Hemphill OK Statehood Quarter, Presidential Dollars
RM Richard Masters 2011 Sacagawea Dollar
SG Susan Gamble Presidential Dollars
SGH Seth G. Huntington Bicentennial Half Dollar
Tc Thomas Cleveland 2010 Sacagawea Dollar
TDR Thomas D. Rogers Sacagawea Dollar, Statehood Quarters
TJF T. James Ferrell Statehood Quarters
VDB Victor David Brenner Lincoln Cent
WC William Cousins Statehood Quarters
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